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“Daily and long terms charts aren’t enough for me. I want to learn channeling, supports, resistances, setups, trade management from the first hand”

If that’s what you are thinking, here is my offer to you:

It is a series of  4 trade mentoring sessions via screen sharing on Skype. Each session is 1.5 hours in time slots convenient to both sides.

The package includes:

  • The concept of channeling and classical technical analysis
  • My set of rules for constructing channels (can be quite different to what you already know)
  • Finding supports and resistances apart from channel bands
  • Difference between single line supports/resistances and channels
  • How I enter and exit my trades
  • Going through all the markets I cover in the blog, i.e. indices, fx, commodities
  • Analyze other instruments that are particularly interesting to you but outside of my coverage.
  • Offline support: I answer anything chart and trade related via email during the mentoring period which is typically one month in total.
  • Homework assignments and discussions on the results
  • Recording of the sessions to be downloaded afterwards so that the student can go through them again after the sessions

All 4 sessions are necessary for you to digest the system and for me to explain every bit of it in detail. I’m teaching a method which will give you the confidence and freedom of doing your own analysis without asking anyone or going from site to site looking for trading advice. Without the right education your trading account will most likely converge to a margin call.

On a personal note, my story would have been very different had someone introduced me to channels and taught me the rules when I first started my journey. It would have saved me massive amounts of time and money.

Unfortunately, I have time to mentor 10-15 traders per year. Contact me here if you are interested.

“Thank you Burak, for generously sharing your knowledge and techniques. I found it refreshing that you were so modest to speak with about something you have great skill in. Although your techniques are highly profitable, I am excited to see what comes of it when I combine it with my own methods. With over 10 years of trading experience, I did not expect to learn much from you but I did. Probably the best trade I have made all year was trading a little bit of money for a lot of your knowledge. I paid for the class in a 30 minute trade that I took the day after our second session using one of your techniques. I hope there is a way that I can repay you for your generosity sometime in the future.”
Blake C. , Texas, USA
“Burak – Thank you for the excellent mentoring sessions which has helped me to remove a lot of the ‘clutter’ from my analysis when using support/resistance lines and channels. Prior to these sessions I would have numerous S/R and channel lines on my charts, now I plot ones which have a much higher probability of indicating the direction of the price movement. The sessions were very informative and delivered in a professional and simple manner. Thanks again and I hope your new website is a success.”
We always kept in touch with Shane and later on he added:
“For me, your replies to my trade queries is where your fee was money well spent”
Shane Dempsey, Ireland
Burak’s channel drawing method is totally unique. He taught me how to draw channels with precision and demonstrated all his personal trading experience as well. Now I am capable of finding very high probability trades; a whole new way to spot support and resistance. Thanks for your mentoring sessions!”

Felix Thang, Hong Kong (