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“Daily and long terms charts aren’t enough for me. I want to learn channeling, supports, resistances, setups, trade management from the first hand”

If that’s what you are thinking, keep reading:

It is a series of  4 trade mentoring sessions via screen sharing on Skype. Each session is a 1.5 hours slot convenient to both sides.

The package includes:

  • The concept and definition of channels and standalone support/resistance lines
  • Set of rules for constructing channels (can be quite different to what you already know)
  • Set of rules for supports and resistances other than channel bands
  • Entries and exits during trends and trend reversals
  • Analyze other instruments that are particularly interesting to you
  • Offline support to answer anything chart and trade related via email and Twitter during the mentoring period which is typically one month.
  • Homework assignments and discussions on the results at every session.
  • Recording of all the sessions

Unfortunately, I have time to mentor 10-15 traders per year. Contact me here if you need to know more about content and price.