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“Daily and long terms charts aren’t enough for me. I want to learn channeling, supports, resistances, setups, trade management from the first hand”

If that’s what you are thinking, continue reading:

It is a series of  4 trade mentoring sessions via screen sharing on Skype. Each session is 1.5 hours in time slots convenient to both sides.

The package includes:

  • The concept and definition of channels and standalone support/resistance lines
  • My set of rules for constructing channels (can be quite different to what you already know)
  • Finding supports and resistances apart from channel bands
  • Entries and exits on trend following and trend reversals
  • Going through all the markets I cover in the blog, i.e. indices, fx, commodities.
  • Analyze other instruments that are particularly interesting to you
  • Offline support: I answer anything chart and trade related via email and Twitter during the mentoring period which is typically one month in total.
  • Homework assignments and discussions on the results at every session
  • Recording of the sessions to be downloaded afterwards so that the student can go through them again after the sessions

To this description above I can add a few things on a personal note:

– During the first session I explain almost all the aspects of my method. It sounds very simple but it’s not easy without practice. Hence, after the first session, I will also send you material which summarizes all the rules and favourite trading setups to help you get going.

– I give several homework assignments from different markets after each session so that you chart at home, email them to me and then we can discuss during the next session. Without me correcting your mistakes the sessions would not be worth much. I can teach you everything but I also need to see that you got everything right. Most students start feeling confident after the second session. By the end of the 4th session you should be able to chart according to the rules.

– During the sessions I will also talk about the strengths and the pitfalls of my method. No method is perfect and no method is 100% right. But my method has a distinct advantage that when you are wrong on a trade, you realize it quite quickly.

– And psychology of course. I will talk about the most comfortable and most stressful setups which would help you a lot. – Last but not least; trading is the hardest thing you can ever do as a profession/hobby/income or whatever you call it. My method will open a new window for you but it won’t get you there 100%. You have to practice a lot to get everything right and start feeling comfortable. This is the harsh truth. I wouldn’t want to teach you anything unless you are ready to put all your passion and work into it.

The price is £625 in total. However, if you were to become a yearly member as well (like most students), then there is a 20% discount on the mentoring, i.e. £500. Yearly membership is £499. Hence, total price for mentoring + yearly membership is £999

Unfortunately, I have time to mentor 10-15 traders per year. Contact me here if you are interested.