First of all I would like to Thank You from my bottom of the heart for all the hard work you do for us.

Trading Channels has been the best service I have ever used for trading. The best part about Trading Channels lies in providing simple strategies for a novice trader like me plus your live Twitter feeds about your entry/exit points, Updated Charts and your commentary. I had never been so much confident taking up trades in the past as I do now.

Your daily charts helps us get a feel for the direction of the markets on a daily basis. I choose the trading set ups that fit my trading style. I also like the way you encourage all the members to learn by practicing the charting along side with you.

Your services are priced very nominal compared to the potential profits that can be generated following your post. I had already recovered more than my “Yearly Subscription” fee paid in the way of profits just in over a month. In other words, I can say that if you ever started “Lifetime Membership” service at Trading Channels you already earned your first member

Keep up the good work as always.

Venkat Desikan, India

Thank you Burak, for generously sharing your knowledge and techniques. I found it refreshing that you were so modest to speak with about something you have great skill in. Although your techniques are highly profitable, I am excited to see what comes of it when I combine it with my own methods. With over 10 years of trading experience, I did not expect to learn much from you but I did. Probably the best trade I have made all year was trading a little bit of money for a lot of your knowledge. I paid for the class in a 30 minute trade that I took the day after our second session using one of your techniques. I hope there is a way that I can repay you for your generosity sometime in the future.

Blake Cantley, USA

Excellent calls. I must say your way of trading gives structure and discipline. I’m sure you will have a bad patch at some point but so far your losing trades have been controlled and far outweighed by your winners!

Andy Worthington, Canada

Having been his happy subscriber for about a year, I think it’s time for me to put together a testimony for Burak. If you are considering subscribing to a professional service, tradingchannels is definitely worth checking out.  I witnessed Burak to be a consistent and professional chartist that provides clean and solid setups based on price channels, for a really competitive price.

Firstly, he presents setups for trade entries on reversal points in an authentically neat and easily understandable way with clear targets and stop loss points, often with superior risk/return ratios. His charting style is based on channels, which slightly different than trend lines. Most of the time prices appear to be respecting some line until they don’t and Burak’s approach does give an edge to figure out which have a higher probability of causing price reversals. There is a good track-record for both winning trades and also good exits on losing trades with failed setups.

Secondly, he is a professional. He covers a satisfactory amount of instruments and delivers his daily charts on time. During the day he has a good amount of time online and shares many intraday updates. He is friendly and easily accessible, responds timely to any questions on both the commonly traded instruments he is charting regularly, and also for lesser traded instruments on demand.

Finally, he does not only point to sweet spots, but also takes trades which is great, especially when the trades do not go into profit right away. Sometimes slight tweaks prevent early stop-losses that otherwise could end in deep profit, or targets can change in time depending on price action.

What I like the most is clean, consistent performance and humbleness. He is not an arrogant self-proclaimed guru, like many on the market are. After getting used to his charting, I find it very hard to look into messy charts that have lines and curves flying out of everywhere on other sources.

Overall, I do not know if he is the best, but he is a great guy that provides a great service for value. He especially is a good choice for social traders that have limited time to follow the markets, and also frequent traders that can use a second opinion. He could be serving to a lot more people only if he was into some digital marketing.

Kagan Sola, Turkey

Let me write a few words about my experience with Tradingchannels website and the man that runs the site. For me, it changed the way I look at charts and gave me confidence that I never really had before. Especially coming from learning geometry in the past, and andrews pitchfork from Timothy Morge, this is much much better. The way Burak is charting is unique, gives precise entries, tight stops and targets so your risk to reward is always very good. I did a lot of geometry in the past so I guess I was into this 100% right from the start cause I knew from the past geometry is very important, but never really found anything convincing on the subject. Until now. Just an advice for anyone that is having any difficulties, the more you chart easier it gets. And also, Burak is a great guy and explains things in a very easy way, rules are very clear and I am astonished how I developed in just a few weeks. I studied almost everything I could and I am back to geometry. And this now gives me the edge I was looking for. No fancy systems, indicators, and lagging entries, just channels that makes perfect sense to me the more I chart the way Burak is teaching. I simply can’t thank him enough way he did for me. He absolutely transformed my trading experience. Thank you Burak!

Matej, Slovenia
Back in 2008, my wife and I decided to take control of our investments and retirement funds. After several years of putting money away into our accounts with Fidelity Investments, we noticed that the account balance was practically what we had put in. The return on investment was just unacceptable for anyone to retire on.

A few years later, I was able to locate a group of traders that taught me a strategy that generated on average 8.64% per month on invested capital. After 3 years of successfully trading the strategy, I joined a coaching program with a mentor following Elliot Wave analysis. The next few years of trading was a dramatic failure causing me to completely stop trading. I discovered Trading Channels, when I was searching various trading techniques in the hopes of being able to trade with higher profitability and obtain better results. I started to follow Burak’s tweets and tried to understand the logic / process overtime. I noticed the amazing accuracy of the analysis but still could not quite understand the rules and methodology he used.

One day I decided to donate US$50 to show my gratitude to TradingChannels for sharing their expertise without the expectation of getting anything back in return. I found it amazing that an individual dedicated so much of his time to educate those of us interested in learning and following his strategy. I immediately received a thank you for the donation and was asked if I was interested in learning the process, rules, etc. for proper implementation of trading channels. We started a mentorship that was comprised of 4 online classes via Skype where Burak explained the definition of a channel, what qualifies a chart to be a confirmed channel, how to chart a channel, and the fundamentals of entering and exiting a trade.

Burak offered to mentor me for a nominal fee. The investment made in this education has completely changed anything I knew about trading and price action. The trading strategy proved itself within days. In 30 days, I had taken an account that had $12,000 in profits and grew it to $45,000. With the proper implementation and guidance of his charts, I was able to produce another $33,000 in profits. I am just starting and learning each trading day how to enter and exit a trade to maximize returns. Any trader looking to take their trading to a complete different level must consider a mentorship with Burak. I know it has changed my life and that of my family and the many people we will be able to help in various parts of the world as a result of the profits generated from his teachings. My family will forever be grateful to Burak for his efforts, guidance, mentorship and trading expertise.

I absolutely recommend the mentorship program to anyone who is interested in learning such a lucrative and eye opening trading technique. The low cost of this education will forever change the way you trade. Upon proper implementation of the strategies and chart analysis, a trader will cover the cost many times over in a week of proper trading.

[email protected] and

Jose Azcarate, USA

Burak – Thank you for the excellent mentoring sessions which has helped me to remove a lot of the ‘clutter’ from my analysis when using support/resistance lines and channels. Prior to these sessions I would have numerous S/R and channel lines on my charts, now I plot ones which have a much higher probability of indicating the direction of the price movement. The sessions were very informative and delivered in a professional and simple manner. For me, your replies to my trade queries is where your fee was money well spent. Thanks again and I hope your new website is a success.

Declan Dempsey, Ireland