“I am a relatively new subscriber, and my first trade based on Trading Channels analyses netted me $17 K profit (NQ). I have found Trading Channels analysis very reliable. Burak is very disciplined, dedicated and straightforward. Trading Channels has been the most accurate trading service that I have ever used. I appreciate your work as I found success trading with Trading Channels. Thank you for helping to make it possible!”

Faye Traseva, UK

“I have been following Burak for almost decade and monitoring his calls using his generous free content before subscribing this year. In just three months I have made multiples of my annual commitment using his calls. I could say Burak is a great technician and his method is paint by numbers simple. Or that he’s a humble person who is generous with his time. Or I could just say he makes me lots of money. Great service. I give it my highest recommendation.”

Larry Kirk, US

"Well, the service is so good, that it leaves us speechless... 😃 Really, quality work you are doing. Even if/when I do not trade it, it is worth following."

"Awesome chart and analysis from the best in the business!"

"With Burak for nearly a year now and can say it's totally transformed how I look at charts. You won't find another trader with Burak's transparency, dedication and skill. Always there with setups and his own trades giving you the chance to follow them + also learn for yourself."

"His charting is among the best. Sharing his charts in the open forum... that's one of the best charities in the world. Traders should know how to make best use of it."


"Update on my previous review: Early this year Burak mentioned I could hit 250k profit target this year. I wasn't so sure but Christmas came early! I give credit to Burak's long term charts with great inflection points. They are very clean lines without getting too busy with indicators and such which makes it easy to know when you are wrong. Also keeping me out of trouble by being always available for a quick consult. For example "Burak, I want to short Palladium. It's so high." Burak would be like "stay away, it's a monster". With the tiny monthly fees he charges which costs me less than a cup of coffee a day it's incredible value for money. I wholeheartedly recommend his service to newbies and seasoned traders alike. Newbies can save themselves from permabears and pro traders who can see at a glance where to get in and get out. He is a great swing trader."

Vinoop Viswanathan, US

"Making +12/14% monthly on 1.5% risk with simple lines, no fibonaccis, Elliot Waves or lagging indicators. Burak, I just love the way you dissect the particular markets in your videos. Where have you been all my trading career? Excellent work!"

Michal Szkoda, Poland

"I lost $20000 last summer and I made almost $7000 in 3 weeks since I subscribed to your services even though I trade forex only and you cover much more than that. I thank you and I really appreciate your smart analysis, Burak. Greetings from Japan."

Yosuke Danjo, Japan

"For someone like myself, who has over 30 years in the game, I feel privileged to be on Burak's feed. His style is unique and profitable. If you can’t make money from his wisdom then you should seriously give up trading.

I appreciate how hard you work but also I want you to understand that your hard work effects so many more lives than just your followers. On behalf of me and my family, thank you Burak."

Dominic Andrew Way, UK

"It's been more than 10 years now since I started my trading journey. I had some nice moments but a lot more unpleasant ones. I thought more knowledge means more success and I can tell you, never in my life was I so wrong. I had been working in the last two years to simplify my trading method and focus on the psychology and risk management. After following Burak's public Twitter account for quite some time I decided to give it a shot to get help from his simplistic approach. Great decision. His method, setups and posts are very clear defining risk and his edge. He writes honestly about all his trades; the good ones that are paying a lot and the smaller drawdowns we encounter along the way. He is always there to answer questions quickly. I am very happy with the service he provides and I wish him all the best for the future."

Ferenc Dolezsal, Germany

"My trading account has grown handsomely in the few months since I've subscribed to Burak's service. I've been able to draw money from it more than ever before. For anyone new, just follow the recommended trades and you won't go far wrong. The charts are simple and beautifully accurate. As a bonus, he is a nice genuine fellow. This week I'm his number 1 fan. Trades have been to the point with big moves in Oil, gold, aud and nzd. An excellent week ending a very good summer."

Paul Matthews, UK

"I love Trading Channels. I find the material and tweets very helpful in giving good guidance for my trading. His tweets are great especially for those who don't have the resources and time to sit in front of the screens. He is not always right, he does not give false promises and he admits quickly when a trade goes the wrong way. But he has loads of big wins that cover for the small losses. All positions and charts are kept for reference. His channels, lines and trading system look easy, however, in the markets nothing is as easy as it seems."

Peter Feher, Hungary

"Trading Channels has played a huge role in my journey as a trader. I've been following Burak since 2013 and his method is the most simple and clean of any I've seen and yet consistently gives the most precise and accurate setups. He is the real deal. Upon first glance, I didn't see how the charts were working. After recreating them myself, and following them every day, I could see how these very precise lines controlled the price trends. No other method compares to it."

David L, USA

"You are a great trader and you offer a great service, and to this day I have not seen anything more precise or accurate as your method of analysis.  I have spent countless hours comparing my charts with yours over the past year, all the while I have been studying small cap equities and options as well.  I have taken what I have learned from you and incorporated it into my own systems, and I am now at the point where I feel I can do this professionally. Thanks for everything."

Trevor Kershner, USA

"Thank you Burak, for generously sharing your knowledge and techniques. I found it refreshing that you were so modest to speak with about something you have great skill in. With over 10 years of trading experience, I did not expect to learn much from you but I did. Probably the best trade I have made all year was trading a little bit of money for a lot of your knowledge. I paid for the class in a 30 minute trade that I took the day after our second session using one of your techniques. I hope there is a way that I can repay you for your generosity sometime in the future."

Blake Cantley, USA

"I have been using the service for around 2 years now and have found my trading style has developed tremendously. Burak pinpoints potential set-ups and entry points which are clearly displayed on his charts. Burak's unique charts are really helpful and provide numerous trading opportunities no matter what your trading style. Whenever you have a question he will respond straight away and give a sensible answer which will help you out. Nothing but positive feedback. Keep up the good work."

Hugh Moxon, UK

"Burak is my benchmark. Every morning I draw my own charts and I compare them with Burak's. I strive to be smarter and to see what he doesn't, but he is always 'the boss'. I have been trading for a living for over ten years. Despite all my experience Burak taught me a lot. His approach is unique and has improved my trading performance. I owe him."

Paul Maasson, Netherlands

"Trading Channels has been the best service I have ever used for trading. The best part is the simple strategies for a novice trader like me. Icing on the cake is the live tweets, end-of-day charts and your commentary. I had never been so much confident taking up trades in the past as I do now. I also like the way you encourage all the members to learn by practicing the charting along side with you.

It's priced very nominal considering the massive profits. I've already recovered more than my yearly fee in just over a month. I'm a lifetime member."

Venkat Desikan, India

"I was looking for a method to compliment my current style and provide good bias for longer term trades. The trading channels method looks simple at first glance, but applying it correctly is not trivial without proper understanding. Burak does a great job of explaining the subtleties of the rules, and starts by listening to you so that he can help adapt the method to your needs. Much of the mentoring time is spent going thru exercises to reinforce the rules and the process, and is structured around each individuals needs. After doing the mentorship, I am very happy with the results, and find the method very visually intuitive and apply it to both short and long term charts. Overall, the mentorship is a very good value, and Burak is a great mentor."

Al Slane, USA

"Burak – Thank you for the excellent mentoring sessions which has helped me to remove a lot of the ‘clutter’ from my analysis when using support/resistance lines and channels. Prior to these sessions I would have numerous S/R and channel lines on my charts, now I plot ones which have a much higher probability of indicating the direction of the price movement. The sessions were very informative and delivered in a professional and simple manner. For me, your replies to my trade queries is where your fee was money well spent. Thanks again and I hope your new website is a success."

Declan Dempsey, Ireland

"Excellent calls. I must say your way of trading gives structure and discipline. I’m sure you will have a bad patch at some point but so far your losing trades have been controlled and far outweighed by your winners!"

Andy Worthington, Canada

"Burak changed the way I look at charts and gave me confidence that I never really had before. His charting is unique, gives precise entries, tight stops and targets so his risk to reward is always superb. He is a great guy and explains things in a very easy way, rules are very clear and I'm astonished how I developed myself in just a few weeks. No fancy systems, indicators and lagging entries, just channels that make perfect sense. I simply can’t thank him enough for what he did for me. Thank you Burak!"

Matej Soper, Slovenia

"After few years of failed trading and blowing accounts, I discovered Trading Channels, while I was searching various trading techniques in the hopes of being able to trade with systematic setups and risk control. I started following Burak’s tweets and noticed the amazing accuracy of the analysis but still couldn't quite understand the rules and methodology he used. We started a mentorship that was comprised of 4 online classes via Skype where Burak explained his entire method in a very understandable and passionate way. The investment I made has completely changed everything I knew about trading and price action. The trading strategy proved itself within days. In 30 days, I had taken an account that had $12,000 in profits and grew it to $45,000. With the proper implementation and guidance of his charts, I was able to produce another $33,000 in profits. Any trader looking to take their trading to a complete different level must consider a mentorship with Burak."

Jose Azcarate, USA, www.joseazcarate.com

"If you are looking for a holy grail to market speculation that guarantees winners every time, lifestyle shots of partying in tropical climates and footage of rented performance cars and babes in bikinis then trading channels is not for you. If however, you are looking for an honest and reliable analysis service with a solid track record, great risk reward ratios, a structured and consistent methodology, attention to detail, timely alerts, regular updates with no downtime and advice on when to cut your losses from a well humoured guy with many years of experience then this could be the holy grail you are looking for. Burak obviously takes a lot of time to work on charts and presents viable and credible opportunities across several instruments on a daily and intraday basis. His analysis and commentary are concise and do not leave room for ambiguity. Personally, my experience of his work has been fantastic, from the moment I got in touch with him to enquire about a subscription. He responds to queries promptly, he stays true to his methodology and he is not afraid to say when he is wrong. He also doesn't go overboard with bragging when he is right either, which is great because he is right a lot. If you are thinking about trying him out, you should definitely bite the bullet and give him a shot, it could be the best trading decision you make all year!"

Nagib Meghji, UK

"I just wanted to say thank you for your service. Before I signed up earlier this year, I'd been trading for 12 years trying to find my trading style but nothing was giving me consistent results and to be honest, I lost quite a bit of money because I was reckless. This year has by far and away been the most profitable trading year of my life and it's mostly due to your service.  In more detail, you turn the art of a trendline/channel into a science with consistent outcomes. Also, with your guidance, I'm slowly mastering the the psychological aspect of trading. You're very methodical with your entries/exits, consistent with your stops but most importantly maximize on your winners... something I've been able to emulate and apply to my trading as well.  And to top it off, you are a really humble dude even though you're probably best trader I've ever seen in action... and I've seen many."

Peter Millington, USA

"I witnessed Burak to be a consistent and professional chartist that provides clean and solid setups based on price channels, for a really competitive price. Firstly, he presents setups for trade entries on reversal points in an authentically neat and easily understandable way with clear targets and stop loss points, often with superior risk/return ratios. His charting style is based on channels, which slightly different than trend lines. Most of the time prices appear to be respecting some line until they don’t and Burak’s approach does give an edge to figure out which have a higher probability of causing price reversals. There is a good track-record for both winning trades and also good exits on losing trades with failed setups. Secondly, he is a professional. He covers a satisfactory amount of instruments and delivers his daily charts on time. During the day he has a good amount of time online and shares many intraday updates. He is friendly and easily accessible, responds timely to any questions on both the commonly traded instruments he is charting regularly, and also for lesser traded instruments on demand. Finally, he does not only point to sweet spots, but also takes trades which is great, especially when the trades do not go into profit right away. Sometimes slight tweaks prevent early stop-losses that otherwise could end in deep profit, or targets can change in time depending on price action. What I like the most is clean, consistent performance and humbleness. He is not an arrogant self-proclaimed guru, like many on the market are. After getting used to his charting, I find it very hard to look into messy charts that have lines and curves flying out of everywhere on other sources."

Ali Kaya, Turkey

"Burak’s channel drawing method is totally unique. He taught me how to draw channels with precision and demonstrated all his personal trading experience as well. Now I am capable of finding very high probability trades; a whole new way to spot support and resistance. Thanks for your mentoring sessions!"

Felix Thang, Hong Kong

"Burak provides very clear, easily interpreted charts for both long and short term traders. His approach and methodology helps me identify support & resistance levels for easy trading decisions. His expansive coverage of equity indices, commodities and currencies provide multiple trading opportunities daily. I have dramatically improved my win rate, and thus returns, using his service"

Anonymous private equity fund manager, USA

"After some months of subscription, I experienced his stonewall consistency, accuracy, full time availability and the straightforward and unvarnished style of communication. The next step was obvious for me with the mentoring program to understand all the details of his method. All the sessions of the mentoring gave me a deeper conviction that I found what I was really searching for. He explained me every part in clear contexts which harmonized what I experienced on the other aspects of my life. The details started to form a comprehensive system and nothing can be more convincing when you see the strong pillars of a method. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Szilard Kurunczi, Hungary

"I covered 2 years worth of subscription with a single ‘no brainer’ trade. Great service and a lots of content (way more markets than I trade!)"

Chris Rowlands, USA

"Thanks a lot for very fresh and sharp calls and prompt feedback . Fantastic."

Vladimir Kolovrat, Hungary

"Burak posts very clear charts, posts his trades and stops and consistently makes money. Over time, you see how he does it and you start doing the same kind of charting on your own charts. You learn while you make money! What more could you want?"

Greg Kesselring, USA

"You are the best. I used several services from others. Especially, commodities no one can beat you. Thanks for everything."

James Oh, Hong Kong

"Burak is very knowledgeable, detailed, hard working and he generates a barrage of real-time analysis every market day. And he has a cute kid. I can't ask more than that."

John Dycus, USA

"Simply the best trader with excellent predictions and preparations. Your posts have become my daily routine."

David Zupancic, Slovenia

"I have been trading for about 8 years now of which the last two have been very fruitful with Burak's help. My job is in medicine so I had no clue how to trade. I subscribed to various services. Some were ok but I couldn't stay profitable. I would have some good months but then lose it all later. It wasn’t consistent. I couldn't figure out what was going on. Some were downright bearish during the bull market which was very unfortunate because they messed with my head and my wallet. After spending thousands of dollars in various places I figured trading by myself seemed better with no indicators, using only the price. I then started making some profits but still had trouble keeping up with trading while working. Then, a couple years ago, I came across Burak's charts @tradingchannels. They were clean and crisp with logical inflection points. That year I made over 110k in profits. This year I have exceeded that already by June. He covers futures, forex, commodities and updates his main charts twice a day with frequent updates during the day with shorter time frames. I have also been able to share personal charts with him and bounce ideas off him. He's always been available to guide me with messages pretty much any time of the day. This is extremely unusual. The price he charges is ridiculously low for the diligent service he provides. I recommend him for traders looking to make money instead of wasting on signal and setup services from people who don't trade themselves and have no skin in the game."


Vinoop Viswanathan, US (@vinoopv)

"I began following futures markets again last year after several years away due to other work. On my own, I find the psychology of trading (over analyzing, second guessing, etc) to be 90% of trading difficulty. Burak’s Trading Channels service provides a clear, visual remedy for any psychological trading barriers. His charts alone are consistent, simple, easily applied for trades & well worth a subscription. The ongoing daily chart commentary & suggested trade points are huge bonuses. The subscription value is extraordinary. I no longer follow any other market commentary or trading service. There simply is no need. Thank you Burak!"


Carlton Purvis, UK

"Among the great aspects of your work is your trend lines & comments show where you’ll have confirmation, or change of outlook. That plus your fearless honesty make you great. Not merely all the numerous times your calls work out."


  • Wedge Breakdown
  • Triple Resistance Reversal
  • Trend Continuation
  • Double Support Breakdown
  • Wedge Breakdown
  • Triple Resistance Reversal
  • Trend Continuation
  • Double Support Breakdown