Stocks Package by Trading Channels

Specialized on technical analysis of several hundred stocks and ETFs. Clean and precise setups for long term investors and short term swing traders. Apple, Netflix, AMD, GDX and more...

Short Term Setups & Long Term Outlook Delivered Daily.


What's Included?

Twitter Feed

Access to private twitter feed @trdngchnnlsstox for charts and trade setups of individual stocks.

Stock Charts

5-10 stock charts per day with precise levels to enter and exit trades and/or long term views.

Stock Analyses

Analyses of various stocks requested by our subscribers. (no penny stocks).


Occasional private videos featuring detailed analyses of selected stocks to provide further insights.

Stocks Package Pricing



£59/month after trial. Recurring payments until canceled. No refunds.

£ 0
for 10 days, £59/m thereafter
    Available for a limited time.


Trading Channels provides top class technical analyses on stock indices, forex and commodities using solely trend channels and standalone support & resistance lines. Our motto in trading is perfectly articulated by Leonardo da Vinci: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. If you are looking for superb precision, impeccable timing, high reward/risk in your trading without complex combinations of moving averages, indicators, EW theory and Fibonaccis, look no further. Our technique is purely visual which enables us to “spot” the supports and resistances and act accordingly without hesitation. 

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